Jack Mitchell

Embedded Systems Engineer

e : jack@embed.me.uk

m : 07757472002

cv : Github CV

Hello, and welcome...

I am a degree qualified Embedded Systems Engineer currently running my own Embedded Systems Consultancy business, Tuxable Ltd. I have a passion for open source, a drive to learn new technologies and a willingness to engage with people to ensure a job is done properly and efficiently.

In my spare time I can usually be found tinkering with electronics, coding for the web, hacking on the Linux kernel and enjoying specialty beers (particularly Belgian Gueze!). I am constantly exploring new ideas and projects to get involved in and love nothing more than a good challenge.

I run a multitude of websites built on an Open Source Content Management System designed and coded by myself. The main site being a personal blog which details parts of my life, but mainly documents procedures used to get Embedded Systems up and running!

I enjoy being involved and contributing back to Open Source communities, and it is fantastic to be able to do this as an aspect of my professional work.